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We are enrolling Latam

The Americas are a highly populous continent with a demographic that has spending power. 

Latin Americans should be contemplated as individual consumers who have different values and beliefs. People feel radically different. Young students, their families and graduates hope that you can offer an exciting invitation to an exceptional educational institution. We understand and have worked across 22 countries with the precision that only research, cultural comprehension and data can give you.

About us

We work in collaboration with universities to help them unlock the Latin American student market by resolving any and all challenges they face with their international marketing strategy.

We have provided professional support and consultancy services for some of the  leading innovation projects in education and development across Europe and Latin American, by helping them to grow and thrive for over a decade. The key is to interpret and understand the multicultural factors in local market research and data analysis and to transform it into effective marketing information.


Knowmads can help you to target potential Latin American students, open up boundaries and markets by taking data-driven decisions that will be crucial for your long-term success in internationalisation.


Run a multicultural marketing platform

The traditional agents and fairs strategies are enough in Latin America, and they have had little success in comparison to other regions. We hope that we can empower your university to gain competitiveness, regional understanding and creativity to increase awareness of your brand and help connect your university with Latin Americans.

Institutions have several touchpoints, and we have a methodology to analyse and prioritise those areas which require immediate intervention. We are talking about the feeling of being listened to and understood, to be appreciated and respected, to reach the right information or person, to have a quick and comprehensive reply developed and sent in their language.

students as they offer feedback on ideas pitched to them. We are here to redefine failed experiences concerning touch points. We understand that sparking applicants interest is not a large scale or expensive process, but it is one who can give valuable evidence for the whole internationalisation strategy, services and platforms, to generate an even.

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