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UK University Virtual Fair in Uruguay 2018

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

From 26th to 30th of November

The Virtual Fair in Uruguay was the first ever UK University Fair in the country and the first University Fair in South America to be fully virtual. It was an outsounding success as the UK Universities that took part were and still are being published to thousands of potential Uruguayan students. The fair showed the potential of Uruguay, in that there is an appetite to study in the UK and the fact that there is a University Fair for UK institutions can connect students who want to study in the UK with UK universities. As prior to this fair there was a lack of investment by UK Universities in Uruguay and the university market has been dominated and shaped by the United States. Knowmads is hoping to redress this imbalance in Uruguay and the wider region in South America.

Which were the objectives of the fair?

The aims of the virtual fair were to provide a cheap and flexible way of allowing many UK institutions to be able to speak to prospective students in Uruguay, it also allowed many Uruguayan students to interact with these UK institutions free of charge. The fair was designed to help the UK be seen as a desirable and affordable option for postgraduate study, mainly in comparison with the United States.

How were the results?

The viewing and engagement figures showed the UK Universities that there is an appetite in Uruguay to study in the UK and that through these virtual fairs there is a cost-effective way of reaching markets that are untouched by other organisations such as the British Council and the Cost Opportunity and Return on Investment can be high.



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