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Get your university aligned to Latin Americans values and expectations

Knowmads helps universities reach segmented audiences, media outlets and creates PR opportunities all around the region. We gain followers and build links to your digital platforms by speaking their language, understanding their culture and provoking their emotions.

We gain students

Not just followers on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and Twitter.

We are experts in finding authentic and active Latin American students through carefully targeted social media campaigns. Our effective services will help you gain traction in a significantly underexploited market. Professional native speaking agents can bring awareness and provide the hand pulling traction that is necessary to reach South America. 

Communicate effectively in Latin America Save on flights, hotels and hours of standing at fairs through market research, strategic planning and communicating in their language. 

We have just released a service of strategic planning for UK Universities that interpret and translate their offer into content and social media that help increase their reach.


We develop meaningful content, testimonial interviews and YouTuber reviews and post in pages and groups that dramatically increase the incoming traffic for universities.


Get likes and improve your search rankings to let Latinos know that studding in the UK is possible and enjoyable. 

Representatives on the ground, trained education agents, marketers and specialist

Connect to Latin America

Your website might look amazing. However, a quick check can reveal that its focus is on the UK, US and EU markets and cultural understanding. Likewise, you might notice that your social media presence could be much more far-reaching, diverse and multicultural so that it echoes all around the world.


Get likes and improve your search rankings to let Latinos know that studying in the UK is possible and enjoyable. We are releasing these fantastic services at a special early-bird price so if you are interested, get in touch fast before everybody looks towards Latin America, the unexplored market. 

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