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#WeAreChevening: Uruguayan Alumni took part at the Fair on 2018

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We have a wealth of experience and expertise across higher education and in Latin America, as we have been working in the industry for over a decade. Our team of experts are native speakers who understand the cultural and market differences between Latin American countries and have all studied in the UK, some as recipients of the Chevening scholarship.

Unlike the majority of agencies that stretch themselves across multiple markets, Knowmads is focused purely on building and developing the relationship between the UK and Latin America; we are specialised in the South of Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Perú.

Uruguayan Alumni presentations

The virtual fair did not just consist of presentations by UK Universities, there were also presentations by Uruguayans who had studied postgraduate degrees in the UK. They were able to offer their insight and their positive experiences of studying in the UK as well as being great ambassadors for their institution.

The figures for the alumni presentations were fantastic with lots of viewers and engagements. These presentations were to highlight the possibility of studying in the UK the great experience it would be through real-life examples.

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